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The Do’s and Don’ts To Survive Holiday Parties

With so many tempting foods everywhere this holiday season, one cannot just simply look at them or stop yourself from eating those Holiday dishes at parties. There’s no blame for that, it’s the most wonderful time of the year and it happens only once. Of course, you can hope that you will not gain this holiday or take action on that goal. However, you can still enjoy the holiday if you take matters into your own hands. Below are some do’s and don’ts for the holiday bash.

Holiday Foods That Are Actually Good For Your Health

Holiday season is already upon us and preparing what food to eat is something that needs thorough planning. Although some of the usual holiday foods are beneficial to your diet plan, you still need to make sure that only the healthy foods are served on your plate.

Many traditional holiday foods are friendly on your healthy-eating plan.Tweet Me!

In fact, many of these provide abundant health benefits. Read on to know what foods are on the list.

Skin Care Tips For Winter You Shouldn’t Ignore

As the temperature starts to drop, so does your skin’s moisture. Winter can be your skin’s enemy – strong winter winds and dry environment can cause dryness of the skin which leads to itchiness and irritation. Chapped lips, scaly legs and cracked hands are one of the effects of the cold weather. It will be an ongoing battle with the latter and upgrading your skin care regimen is necessary to cope up with this kind of weather. Below are some tips to fight back this season to make your skin still glowing and healthy.