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Skincare Tips To Do For Halloween

Skincare Tips To Do For Halloween

Almost everyone loves Halloween. It’s the time of the year where you can let your hair down and messy, be someone else that looks scary and eat lots of delicious foods and candies. However, that one day of fun can also take a real toll on your skin as sugar and inexpensive cosmetic products can aggravate skin allergy, wrinkles and even acne. Before applying that heavy makeup or dip your hands in the candy bowl, read below some tips and tricks that will give you a fresh complexion throughout the holiday season.

Choose Cosmetic Products Wisely

You are going to add mounds of mascara, foundation, body paint, glitters and others just to get that spookiest look. Always make sure to check the products and read their labels. Buying cheap products may contain some ingredients that are harmful to your skin and clog your pores. Try using hypoallergenic products or organic makeup. These products will allow your skin to breathe and through the makeup and will not suffocate the pores. The bottom line, looking great for just one night only is not worth it if you end up damaging your skin after the Halloween.

Skincare Tips To Do For Halloween

Prepare Your Skin

It is also important that before applying makeup or any cosmetic products, moisturize your skin to keep it fresh and hydrated. An excessive makeup will not parch-out the skin if there is a richly moisturized face below. You can also use products like facial applicator that will make your skin look good and healthy. Don’t forget to drink lots of water before the party to keep the skin hydrated, especially when loading yourself with alcohol, sugary candies, and high-calorie foods.

Go For Dark Chocolates

Although it is hard to resist eating sweet candies on Halloween, yet there are some healthier options you can try, which is good for the skin. Try eating only dark chocolates, especially with almond nuts because they can give you some protein. Dark chocolates are better than milk chocolates and jelly candies, which are high in sugar.

Remove Makeup Before Sleeping and Exfoliate

No matter how exhausted you already are, you need to wash your face before going to bed. If the makeup is left too long, this will clog your pores and even cause a break-out the next day. It’s best that you exfoliate and scrub away on after the party. Gently remove the makeup and rinse it thoroughly. You can use a gentle cleanser in washing your face. Exfoliating can remove the last traces of your makeup and even remove dead skin cells. Try using products that are compatible with your skin type and will not damage the skin.

Halloween is an exciting, fun event and taking care of your skin on that day is not that hard. Make sure you follow these simple skincare tips and tricks before putting that heavy makeup on. So, what’s your look this Halloween? Share it with us, because we’d love to hear from you!

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Foods You Need To Avoid That Are Actually Bad For The Skin

Foods You Need To Avoid That Are Actually Bad For The Skin

“You are what you eat.” Yes, it’s true. You have heard it before. According to experts, when it comes to your skin, your appearance’s quality in many ways reflects your diet’s quality.

Below are some foods you need to avoid and think twice before putting them again in your mouth.

Fried Foods

Experts explained that when oil is at very high heat, the fats and oils oxidize. So when you eat fried foods, you are putting oxidized fats into your body and these are bad for the health. When an oil is used for many times, these oils become thicker and will not detox inside your body. Eating fried foods can contribute to poor blood circulation, heart diseases and weakened metabolic process. A healthy skin needs a good metabolism and circulation, thus a weak system can lead in the skin’s lack of oxygen, slowing your elastin and collagen synthesis required for a youthful and healthy skin.

Sugary Foods

Excess sugar can weaken your immune system and when the latter is suppressed, your body can’t fight off bacteria effectively. Too much sugar also contributes constipation in your bowel and can eventually lead to congestion in your skin. It is already proven that eating excess sugar has an impact on your skin negatively because sugar is acidic and can create some issues on your digestive tract. The bottom line, more bacteria, more toxins, then results to an unhealthy skin.

Foods You Need To Avoid That Are Actually Bad For The Skin

Processed Foods

Packaged and processed foods should be avoided because nutrients and living enzymes are lost or broken down during the process. Generally, the better the quality of your food is, the better it is for your skin and overall health. Raw foods, especially vegetables and fruits are higher in water content when they are in their natural state and can add hydration to your skin and body necessary for proper organ function. This is also essential for a healthy skin because it helps regulate the oil production and assists in skin detoxification.

Non-Organic Foods

These kind of foods may contain herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful chemical products. It can greatly affect your health and they have been found to disrupt your motor skills and associated to different health conditions and diseases. Studies also show that foods which grown organically, has three times the nutrients and vitamins than commercially grown foods. If there’s more nutrients that your body can get, the better your skin will perform and look.

Artificial Coloring and Flavorings

Artificials such as Red #5 and aspartame are already common on many foods, yet these additives are a science experiment, which you shouldn’t take. They simply contain no nutritional value and can create histamine reactions or irritate your body. As much as possible, avoid eating foods with obvious artificial colorings or flavorings with them.

If you are guilty eating of these mentioned foods and can’t help eating them, then it’s time for you to think twice and consult your nutritionist for healthy alternatives. Exercise is also important, that’s why even on this holiday season, there are simple exercises you can do outside this fall to promote healthy living.